What Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Taught Me About Parenting | parenting tips, mom life, tv shows for toddlers, educational tv shows, babies, baby, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, life lessons, motherhood, toddler 7
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood was the first show I let Toot watch when she was a baby. I knew that it was a reincarnation of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood so I figured it would be a good place to start. Little did I know, it wasn't just going to teach my child about feelings, it was also going to teach me how to be a better parent.

What Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Taught Me About Parenting

So you're probably already aware of the free two-day shipping that comes with Amazon Prime. That's like one of the main Amazon Prime Benefits that people sign up for. And you probably knew about Prime video because they have some amazing original shows. That's another huge reason to get it. But there are a lot more that you probably didn't know about! Here are nine more benefits that Amazon Prime offers.

9 Amazon Prime Benefits You Probably Don’t Know About

How to Nurture a Love of Arts from the Earliest Age 1
Guest Post: Could your mini edition be the new Michelangelo or Mozart? He may well be, but it’s up to you as his proud caretaker to discover his talents and foster the love of arts in his heart from earliest age. As noble a task as this may sound, it’s often difficult to achieve: getting a small child to calm down and be still for a few minutes is sometimes a mission impossible, let alone cajoling them to take part in a structured, constructive art-focused activity. The good news is there are several easy ways to foster a strong bond with arts in young kids – and an even better piece of news is you can find a few of the handpicked tricks right here.

How to Nurture a Love of Arts in Your Kids ...

Baby Shower Games Your Friends Will Actually Want to Play 10
Do you have friends that just hate baby shower games? You still want to invite them to the shower, and you still want to play games! But you have to find games they would actually want to play. Well, friend, here are some games that don't require you to eat baby food or look at candy bars in diapers. (Gross!) And some that don't require any effort or participation at all!

Baby Shower Games That Your Friends Will Actually Want To ...

How to Save the Most Money Shopping Online with Ebates 1
I do a lot of online shopping. A LOT. It's so much easier than strapping the kid in the car to go to the store especially if it's raining or cold or even too hot. I also shop online a lot because I can find better deals, and I don't have to keep track of paper coupons. My favorite tool to save money shopping online is definitely Ebates. You get cashback just for buying whatever you were going to buy in the first place! Here's how to get the most out of Ebates and save the most money shopping online.

How to Save the Most Money Shopping Online with Ebates

Where to Get Cheap or Free Kids Books 6
Kids books are so expensive that you wonder why you haven’t written an 8 page book with 20 words in it to sell for $14.99. And of course, your child will read it once and toss it to the side or just completely destroy it. Even if your kid loves books, she’ll keep wanting more and more. So how do you afford all of these kids books? Well, friend, you get thrifty and find ways of getting free or cheap kids books. Here are some good places to start.  

Where to Get Cheap or Free Kids Books

Back in the day, scrapbooks were all the rage. Now we're all too busy to deal with that. Luckily, the new thing is keepsake books! They're either filled with prompts or even just fill in the blanks for busy moms like me. I've always loved going back through my old books that my mom put together for me so I'm writing in a few of these in hopes that Toot will also enjoy looking back on our lives. Here are 7 awesome keepsake books that I've found!

7 Best Keepsake Books Your Child Will Love

How I Made Money in My 7th Month of Blogging - March 2017 Blog Income Report | Make money blogging, how to blog for profit, blogging for money, seven months, blogging tips for beginners 1
There's a lot of self-evaluation when it comes to blogging, and I think that's how you get the most out of your blog. I don't necessarily like doing it, but I feel like it's necessary to do. My blog income, traffic stats, and goals report is more for me than it is for you. But I like to share it anyway because it might be of some help if you're thinking of starting a blog.

How I Made Money in My Seventh Month of Blogging

7 Ways to Overcome Motherhood Anger | Guest Post 1
Guest Post: Becoming a mother is not always rainbows and unicorns; for some women, parenthood brings with it a sense of anger that seems unshakeable.While many women who read this may shake their heads and say things like, “She never should have been a mother,” others will completely understand. There is not a general rule book for parenthood. Every woman will experience a different rollercoaster of emotions and moments that build to define the overall experience as a whole, and there are many who would not describe it as an enjoyable time.

7 Ways to Overcome Motherhood Anger

7 Tips on Buying Gender Neutral for Your Baby | How to buy gender neutral clothes for your baby, why you should buy gender neutral, waiting to be surprised baby gender, gender neutral baby shower, parenting tips, baby hacks, mom hack, babies 3
Let's face it, babies don't care what you put them in. They know they're cute. So why do we bother buying clothes specifically for boys or girls? Yes, we like cute clothes, but how practical is a pink onesie when you're done with it and all of your friends just had boys? There are many reasons why you would want to buy gender neutral for your baby, and I'll give you 7 tips on what to look for and what to avoid.

7 Tips on How to Buy Gender Neutral for Your ...

It IS Possible to Have Healthy Toddlers 3
Guest Post: I know how rough it can be. Toddlers are so sweet, chubby and adorable; but they’re also fickle little things. We finally get them to eat the broccoli on their plate, and it seems like they can’t get enough of it! Yes! Mom win! And then just as suddenly as they started liking this new food, they now refuse it. It leaves us wondering what on earth just happened, and we are back to square one in the fight to help our toddlers eat healthier.

It IS Possible to Have Healthy Toddlers

Pregnancy is a mother's first sacrifice for her child. We completely trash our bodies just to give them life. Some of us have done it a dozen times. (I have no idea how, though. Props to those women!) Yes, there are some great things that happen during pregnancy, but the miracle of life is a struggle. Here are some things I definitely could've done without during pregnancy.

15 Things I Definitely Do NOT Miss About Being Pregnant

Seeing your friends get pregnant all around you while you struggle with infertility can be ROUGH. I was lucky enough to get pregnant with Toot with only the assistance of an ovulation kit. But a few of my friends and family members have needed more scientific intervention to conceive their babies. Here are 6 options to consider if you're hoping to become a parent.

6 Infertility Treatment Options to Grow Your Family