5 Baby Items I Couldn’t Live Without 10

Surviving the first year of a baby is rough. Luckily, there are products that made my life so much simpler. I don’t know how I would’ve survived without these five things.



5 Baby Items I Couldn't Live Without - Newborn and baby essentials, mom hacks, baby hack, what to register for, baby registry


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1. The Pack N Play with Napper Bassinet

We registered for a bassinet at first, but then we found a Pack N Play with one in it. It was perfect. I was able to fit the whole thing next to my bed at a good angle to see her. The bassinet comes out and you can set it on the floor anywhere.

We were able to let her fall asleep in the living room and then when we wanted to go to bed we’d pick it up by the handles and click it into the Pack N Play next to the bed. In the morning if she was still sleeping, we’d pick it back up and carry her out to the living room with us. Mobile sleeping baby!

Once she was old enough to start roaming around, the rest of the Pack N Play was a life saver. We still use it to drop her in when we need to go to the bathroom or corral her for a bit to get something done.



2. The Boppy Lounger

Everyone knows about the Boppy. But when Toot was only a week or two old, I realized I didn’t have anywhere to put her besides her bassinet. I didn’t need a Boppy because I had a My Brest Friend pillow for breastfeeding. But the Boppy Lounger was made to be a pillow for baby to lounge in.

She basically lived in it for the first 4 months of her life. It doesn’t have a hole in the middle for her to fall out of. She still uses it to lay in while watching Daniel Tiger even though she’s completely outgrown it.

We covered it with a receiving blanket for a while because she would spit up so much. The other main difference between the original Boppy and the Lounger is that there is no removable cover. But you can throw the whole thing in the washer. It comes out of the dryer all fluffy! It also doubles as a cat bed apparently. Mr. Meowgi thinks it’s his now.


boon grass

3. Boon Grass 

I had never even heard of this or had any idea I needed it until a friend who had a toddler told me about it. She said it’s one of her favorite things to buy for showers because it’s so useful, but you don’t think to register for it. Now it’s my go-to for baby showers, too.

It’s a bottle/pacifier/sippy cup/all things baby drying rack for your counter that looks like grass. We also have a flower that holds nipples and pacifiers. They are especially wonderful for anyone that has the Dr. Brown bottles because of all the parts to them. (I also recommend Dr. Brown bottles).




Cuddle Fox


4. Carter’s Cuddle Plush

Toot loves her cuddle buddies. She has a fox and a giraffe. We got the fox from our registry. Once I found out at about 3 months that she loved it, I had to get a giraffe too just in case we lost the fox. They are security blankets and just the right size for a newborn up to a year or so.

Easy to carry around or just cuddle with. We took one with us wherever we went because Toot went through a long stranger danger phase that she’s still not completely out of. Even at Nana and Papa’s house she would scream and cry if anyone got near her. The blanket buddy was her comfort object. I’m saving them forever.



 diaper genie


5. The Diaper Genie

I didn’t think I needed it, but I’m so glad I have it. We’re still using it obviously because Toot is still in diapers. I just changed it about an hour ago!

When she was a newborn I think we could go about a week and a half to two weeks between changing the bag since the diapers were so small. Now that she’s in bigger diapers it’s about once a week. But it really traps in the smell. And I have the refills on subscribe and save from Amazon so I don’t even have to worry about remembering to buy them! They just show up at my house with my diapers and wipes! Baby’s booty is covered!



Need to set up a baby registry?

Amazon gave us a better completion discount than Babies R Us. We saved about $400 total!



5 Baby Items I Couldn't Live Without - Newborn and baby essentials, mom hacks, baby hack, what to register for, baby registry



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