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Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to Zazzle where you can learn to earn some extra money by designing products or just linking to them! Are you ready to get started?


Ultimate Guide to Earning Extra Money by Designing Products with Zazzle | Toot's Mom is Tired

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What is Zazzle?

Zazzle is a website where you can design your own custom products like shirts, hats, and pretty much anything that can be printed on. You can design for yourself or post your designs for sale to earn royalties! Have an idea for a funny shirt? I’m sure someone else will think it’s hilarious too and want to buy it. People can search the Zazzle website for designs or find them from a search engine. You can also link to your designs on your own blog or website.

Zazzle allows you to have multiple stores. You can make your own brands. I have two different stores now. I have my general store that I’ve been designing for since I was in college and my new store for my blog.


How does it work?

It’s free to sign up and design. You really don’t have to do anything other than provide the design. They sell it, print it, and ship it. You get paid royalties. You can advertise your products if you want to get more sales but it’s not necessary. Buyers can find them by searching or browsing the website or from a search engine or third party referral. You can set it and forget it and still make money.



Baby Gifts



How much can I make?

It’s not a get rich quick scheme by any means. You probably won’t be able to quit your day job. But extra money is extra money. You can set your royalties yourself for each product. The default and lowest is 10%. They recommend you keep it below 20% or the total price might be too expensive for buyers. But you can set it as high as you want. The minimum amount to be paid via Paypal automatically every month.is $50, but you can withdraw at any time for a fee of $2.50. If you don’t have $50 by the end of the month, it will just roll over to the next month until you have $50 to pay out.


How much do you make?

I personally make about $50-$100 a month currently. November and December are the highest paying months because people are buying gifts for the holidays. I started making products years ago when I was in college. I was lucky enough to have two luggage tags that started selling like crazy. Most of my sales come from those luggage tags with a few other random things like clocks, ties, and skateboards. I actually make enough from Zazzle that I have to claim it on my taxes.


How do I start?

Start by clicking here to sign up.

Create your store here. Set it up with a description, make your own banner and logo, and you can add the URL to your blog or website.

Start creating designs! Once you get your product the way you like it, click the post for sale link. Then add a description, choose a category, ideal recipient, and occasion, and add tags.

That’s it! Pretty simple right?


How do I create designs?

You can either design them with the Zazzle customization tools or make your own designs in Photoshop or browser equivalent like Canva or Pixlr. It’s best to make the images really REALLY BIG because they need to be high quality to print. If you want something to be customizable (usually a name or some sort of words) you’ll want to do that on Zazzle itself so anyone can edit it the way they want.


Create Custom T-Shirts


Is there a trick to be successful?

  1. Luck
  2. Make your designs customizable. That’s the main selling point of the website.
  3. Make as many products as you can.
  4. Share your designs on social media and your blog.
  5. Set up your own store categories for easier browsing.
  6. Check out what’s trending on their best sellers for inspiration but don’t copy exactly.
  7. Find out more tricks and tips in my upcoming book Winning at Zazzle.


What if I’m not creative enough to design?

You can also be a Zazzle associate. It’s their affiliate program. You just need to add your associate code to any link to get 15% of the final sale. Feel free to link any of my items with your Zazzle associate code! I’ll still make 10% and you’ll make 15%!


Are you going to write a book about this?

YES. Sign up for an email alert when it’s available!


Coming Soon: Winning at Zazzle book



If you have any more questions, please comment below!

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