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I have found my favorite brand of toys, and it’s Melissa and Doug. Their toys are so simple and allow your child to use their imagination while they’re playing and learning. I got Toot eight toys for Christmas (yes, I’m already done), and all of them are Melissa and Doug. I didn’t even get a bunch of the same type of toy. They have a such a wide variety of options. Let me show you a few of my favorites.


8 of the Best Melissa and Doug Toys for Toddlers | Melissa & Doug toys for Christmas, gift ideas for toddlers, must have toys

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1. The Wooden Brew and Serve Coffee Set

This is one of Toot’s Christmas presents this year. I instantly had to add it to my cart because I’m in love with my Keurig coffee maker and I wanted Toot to be able to make coffee just like mommy does. One of my favorite things about these little sets is that they’re made of wood and not plastic. A lot of toys are plastic nowadays and the wooden ones just seem more sturdy. And they make you think of toys of the past like the ones our grandparents had. My grandpa was a carpenter and made EVERYTHING out of wood. I’m surprised my dad isn’t made of wood.



2. Jumbo Extra-Thick Cardboard Building Blocks

These blocks were another instant cart add for me. I had blocks like these when I was a kid, and I knew Toot had to have them. I have a lot of fun memories of building towers with my parents and even more fun memories knocking them down. Toot’s favorite activity is destroying things so these are going to be perfect for her.



3. Slice and Bake Wooden Cookie Set 

I actually got this set for Toot on Prime Day for an amazing deal. I would’ve given it to her for her birthday but Prime Day is two days after her birthday! This set has been sitting next to my bed for MONTHS, and I can’t wait to dig into it!



4. Wooden Peg Puzzles Set

I got this set on Prime Day, too! (If you don’t have Prime, you should totally check it out.) Toot got a peg puzzle of farm animals that makes sounds for her birthday this year, and she loves it. I do not because it will make animal noises when I turn the lights on and off if the pieces are not in their spots. (lol) But these don’t make sounds so I’m sure these will work out better and won’t creep me out by mooing in the middle of the night.



5. Children’s Match and Build Blocks

These blocks are soft! They also have little pictures babies or toddlers can match up. I’m hoping these won’t hurt as much when Toot flings them at me. She’s very into throwing things at the moment. Throwing her toys is her favorite activity.



6. Fill and Spill Toolbox

My dad is a contractor and comes from a family of carpenters. So naturally, I had to get Toot a toolbox. I had play tools as a kid and loved them. These are soft so she can’t hurt herself (or me) with them. (I mentioned the throwing, right?) I’m also trying to get her more “boy toys” or what would be traditionally geared toward boys. I’d like her to have a wide variety of toys. And this set is a first step into STEM as part of the engineering category.



7. Deluxe Pounding Bench

I love simple, classic toys. This toy will hopefully satisfy her need to beat the crap out of something. It also teaches cause and effect since the other side pops up when they hammer down a peg.



8. Shape, Model, and Mold Clay

Ok, I had to get her something art related. I’ve always loved art. And this clay modeling set is basically their version of Playdoh. She hasn’t tried anything like it yet so I’m excited to let her get into it. She’s a very tactile learner. I’m hoping she’ll really take a liking to this set. It will also help her improve her fine motor skills. She’s doing pretty well with fine motor, but she needs more practice.


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What are some of your favorites?

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8 of the Best Melissa and Doug Toys for Toddlers | Melissa & Doug toys for Christmas, gift ideas for toddlers, must have toys

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