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There are a lot of bad side effects of being pregnant. It’s extremely uncomfortable, you feel like a whale, constantly being asked to pee in a cup, people touching your belly without asking… The list goes on. But there were some good things that happen while you’re pregnant, too.

There are women that say they hated being pregnant, and that’s fine. My BFF was one of them. There are women that LOVED being pregnant. That’s great! I was sort of in the middle. I had a love/hate relationship with pregnancy. Here are 10 things that I miss about being pregnant.


10 Things I Miss About Being Pregnant | Pregnancy has its downsides but there are some good things about being pregnant. Here are some things I miss. new mom, mom life, baby life, new baby, prenatal

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1. The feeling of the baby moving

Sure, you can just hold your baby and feel her move now that she’s here, but there’s just something special about feeling a baby move inside of you. You only get about 6 months of this feeling in your whole life if you only have one child.

It’s the first contact you had with your child. And it was exciting to be the only one to connect in this way with your baby. For the first few weeks of baby moving, it’s so subtle that you can’t feel it from the outside. While I was excited when B and other people could feel her moving, I loved being her only connection.

It’s extra special when you poke the baby, and the baby pokes you back.



2. Always having your baby with me

When I’m at work or when Toot is sleeping in her room, I miss her. (Obviously) But I also miss having her with me at all times like when I was pregnant. It was nice that she was just right there in my lap while I was processing payroll or doing paperwork.

Now that she’s a toddler I also miss having her right there with me on the couch kind of like cuddling. She’s very active now and always wants down. I was able to cuddle with her as a baby in her boppy lounger, but Mr. Meowgi wouldn’t cuddle too after she was born. He loved to cuddle with me when I was pregnant.



Photo by Melissa Lynn Photography



3. Carrying baby hands-free

This is probably the thing I miss the most. Yes, you can get a moby wrap or a carrier. But it’s not totally hands-free like lugging around a pregnant belly. I also miss getting in the car with the baby without having to strap her into a car seat.



4, Special treatment

Now, I know this sounds totally selfish, but I miss things like people offering me their seat. And people used to offer me food all the time, especially cake! I ate so much cake when I was pregnant.

There are special parking spaces for pregnant women at some stores around my town. You can only use the “new parents” spot for so long. I don’t think having an 18-month-old qualifies as being a new parent.



5. My OB

Ok, so you may not miss your OB if he or she was awful, but mine was fantastic as was her staff! I really got to know them after seeing them about 50 times in the span of 9 months. They even got mad at me for not bringing Toot to my 3-week follow-up appointment. After my 6-week follow-up, I didn’t have to go back until a year later. That was quite an adjustment after going into her office every week for a few months.



6. Nesting

My favorite thing about nesting was sorting her clothes and getting her room ready. You do get to relive nesting every once in a while when your child is getting to a new milestone. After Toot turned a year old, we sorted through all of her bigger clothes and rearranged her room a bit so she could play in it. I’m sure we’ll make some more changes when she transitions into a toddler bed and then when she gets a big girl bed.





7. Quiet time alone

Once you have a baby, there is no more quiet. I miss being quietly alone with Toot when I was pregnant. She was still there, but there was no crying, no whining, no songs from The Wiggles playing,



8. People giving me gifts left and right

I had four baby showers. FOUR. I really only asked for two since our family is so big. One for my family and one for B’s family. But then my friends wanted to throw one, and my mom’s side of the family did their own. Everyone is always so excited and gives you lots of cute clothes and gifts.

You might get a few presents after birth but when your baby is a month old, the presents stop until Christmas or their first birthday. This also sounds totally selfish, but it’s so nice and helpful to receive useful gifts for the baby because everything baby is SUPER EXPENSIVE. Even just having the baby is ridiculously expensive. Our medical bills for Toot’s birth before insurance added up to $25,000. And she was a normal C-section birth.

Now that I’ve had a baby, I’m super excited about giving baby shower gifts! I love giving the most useful gifts. There were 5 things I couldn’t live without during Toot’s first year, so I will usually gift one of those.



9. The anticipation

There is nothing more exciting than the anticipation of meeting your child. (Ok, maybe meeting your child for the first time.)

From the moment you find out you’re pregnant, you start to daydream about who that baby will be. Boy or girl? What will they look like? What will they think is funny? What will they want to be with they’re older? Being pregnant is all about anticipation!


Our Facebook announcement we posted on New Year’s Eve


10. Telling people that I’m pregnant

One of my favorite things was telling someone, especially someone close, that I was pregnant. We came up with fun ideas of how to announce to our parents, our extended family, and to Facebook! The reactions were all amazing.


 Pregnancy is not all fun and games. Here are 15 things I definitely do NOT miss about being pregnant!


What do you miss (or think you’ll miss) about being pregnant?

Let me know in the comments below!



10 Things I Miss About Being Pregnant | Pregnancy has its downsides but there are some good things about being pregnant. Here are some things I miss. new mom, mom life, baby life, new baby, prenatal

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