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Picking out things to go in a toddler’s Easter basket can be tricky. You don’t want to go all out like you do for Christmas, but you want to get them something special other than just chocolate and candy. Here are 21 relatively cheap ideas to help you out!


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1. Bath Toys

Toot has this octopus, and she loves it. She even says octopus! A few of her other favorites are foam letters and numbers, this fun waterpede toy, and these Melissa and Doug sea creatures. All are relatively cheap and great for an Easter basket.



2. Ball Pit Balls

You don’t actually need to have the ball pit to play with ball pit balls. You can put them in a Pack N Play. If you get 200 balls, it’s just enough to fill the bottom of a Pack N Play. You can buy a smaller set of 100 if you don’t want to spend that much. There are a few different things you can do with ball pit balls.



3. New Clothes

Who doesn’t love new clothes? I like to buy pretty fancy dresses for Toot even though she never has anywhere to wear them. If you’re the church-going type, buy a new church outfit for your little one! Or just get some new play clothes or dress-up clothes!




4. Bouncy Balls

I wouldn’t get a bunch of little bouncy balls for a toddler under 3, but there are some bigger ones they can have fun with. And these spiky balls light up when you bounce them.


5. Play food

I love Melissa and Doug. They have fantastic play food too. If you don’t want to do wooden food (or plastic food), they also have felt food play sets like the sandwich making set.



6. A Stuffed Bunny

The Easter Bunny leaves stuffed bunnies, right? Toot absolutely loves stuffed animals. I have my eye on this one for her Easter Basket. But there are tons to choose from.



7. Books

Of course, I’m going to suggest books. Books are my favorite thing. (And Toot’s favorite thing!) You can get a whole set of board books relatively cheaply or get a pretty picture book like The Day the Crayons Quit. Or even get a bunny themed book like Guess How Much I Love You (assuming you don’t already have 3 copies like us.)



8. Bubbles

Bubbles are always a good inexpensive item to throw into an Easter basket. If you want to go all out, get a bubble machine. It does the work for you!



9. A Kite

What’s a better spring activity than flying a kite? Look, this one’s an ice cream cone! Of course, you can go traditional. But FLYING ICE CREAM!



10. Toddler Plate Sets

Kids love things with their favorite characters on them. Why not take this gift-giving opportunity to get them something that they can actually use practically. Here’s a Paw Patrol set, but there are so many options when buying toddler place settings.



11. A Tunnel

We have this tunnel, and I’m surprised at how much she wants to play with it. We originally bought it to help her learn to crawl, but she uses it much more now that she’s a toddler. It folds up flat pretty easily.



12. Cars

Toot could play with cars all day. Fun little cars can fit in Easter eggs or just pile them in the basket!



13. Movies

What kid doesn’t love a new movie? I want to get Sing for Toot because it looks really cute. I also have my eye on Zootopia and Trolls.



14. Build-a-Bear

I love Build-a-Bear! I have probably 3 myself. Toot has yet to get one, and this may be the year. You can buy a gift card to put in the basket or just order a bear yourself.



15. Blocks

These nesting blocks are fun. But you could always go with traditional wooden blocks. They build engineering skills!



16. Snacks

Instead of giving candy, the Easter Bunny could leave fruit snacks or crackers. Toot loves Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies! They’re perfect for Easter!



17. A Photo Book

We have this photo book that Toot likes to flip through and look at all of the photos of her family. There are also a couple photos of herself in it. Toddlers are so narcissistic. They love to look at themselves.



18. Hand or Finger Puppets

Cute little finger puppets are small and inexpensive gifts that look great in an Easter basket. If you’d rather not have tiny little guys, go with hand puppets. The ones that Melissa and Doug make are really soft. (Do you sense a Melissa and Doug theme? I love that brand!)



19. Magnets

Magnet letters are a great addition to an Easter basket! You have to be careful when letting a toddler play with magnets, though. Toot likes to try and bring them into the living room and put them near my phone and laptop. Not cool. Also, they’re kind of a choking hazard, but what isn’t? She’s learning her letters!



20. New Shoes

Toddlers are in constant need of new shoes because their feet grow so fast! You might as well throw some new shoes into the basket as a “gift.” The best gifts are things they need.



21. Stickers

I don’t yet trust Toot entirely with stickers. But with strong supervision, she really loves them! Plus, they’re cheap! Check out these Eric Carle stickers I found!


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What’s going in your toddler’s Easter basket?

Let me know in the comments below!


21 Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers | What to put in a toddler's Easter basket, one year old, two year old, three year old, Easter basket ideas not candy or chocolate, melissa and doug

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