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I know how rough it can be. Toddlers are so sweet, chubby and adorable; but they’re also fickle little things. We finally get them to eat the broccoli on their plate, and it seems like they can’t get enough of it! Yes! Mom win! And then just as suddenly as they started liking this new food, they now refuse it. It leaves us wondering what on earth just happened, and we are back to square one in the fight to help our toddlers eat healthier.


It IS Possible to Have Healthy Toddlers | Guest Post from The Crafty Christian | parenting tips, motherhood, healthy babies, feeding toddlers

{ Guest Post by Stefani from The Crafty Christian }


It’s crazy to think that these tiny people who have only been around for a couple of years are so good at the battle of the wills. Two years ago, my kids would beat me – hands down – if we really went toe-to-toe in a fight to the spinach. These days, they’re much more open to my suggestion of eating the veggies on their plate. It wasn’t easy, but it was the ultimate mom win.

The biggest move that you can make on the path to creating healthy toddlers is to remove the sugar from their diets. I know that it isn’t easy since sugar is hidden in everything; but it is not good for their growing bodies, and it changes their taste buds. You won’t get them to eat vegetables if their tastes have grown accustomed to sweets.

Sugar also decreases their ability to learn and compromises their immune system. So even though we are tempted to give them treats every now and then, it’s really better if we don’t. Now, I’m not a perfect parent, and I do give my kids sugar occasionally too. But what I’ve noticed is the longer they go without it, the worse they are when they do get it. So I go even longer the next time before I give in.



Making big life changes, especially one that goes against the Standard American Diet, is not easy to do. But it’s possible if you have the strong will (which of course you do, I mean, you have a toddler after all).

So while you’re removing sugar from their diet, start introducing vegetables. At least in two meals per day if you can. Don’t get your hopes up right off the bat because this takes time – it can take up to 12 exposures for a child to begin accepting a new food. So keep at it, mama. You’re not doing it wrong if they refuse it time after time.

Consistency is the biggest thing here. You have to keep it up until they don’t remember what mealtime was like before mommy made veggies every day. It will become their new normal, and their fighting will be almost gone. I say ‘almost’ because they are still toddlers after all. They live to fight with us!

I know these changes are not easy to make, but they are possible with baby steps and perseverance. Our kids trust us to provide for them, and that includes giving them foods that will nourish their cells and help them to grow. The Standard American Diet is causing so many issues in our bodies, and it’s obvious with the epidemics of autoimmune disease, diabetes, and behavior problems in our kids.

The terrifying thing is, we are raising the first generation of kids that are not expected to outlive their parents because we aren’t feeding our kids nutrients; we are feeding them calories. And empty calories, at that. But together, we can change their health and their future. We want to do what’s best for our children, and I promise you that fighting with them over food is a fight that’s worth the effort.



It’s a slow path to wellness, especially when you’re dragging screaming kids with you. But it’s possible. And I can guarantee you that if you start taking steps toward health now, you will be able to set your family up with good habits for life.

My book will help you to outline the steps to take so that you can attain health with your family too. You can get a free sample chapter here, along with a pre-launch discount code!

What do you think would be the hardest part of changing your toddler’s diet?


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3 thoughts on “It IS Possible to Have Healthy Toddlers

  • Clare

    Actually I’ve never really had a problem with my children eating well at this age. They are still too young to have any say in what they eat. Yes there was the odd fussy eating moment but nothing that couldn’t be remedied. I think the problem actually comes much later down the line when they are teenagers! I’d love to hear your advice on getting teenagers to eat anything that is green? It is defeating me!

    • Stefani @ Crafty Christian

      Hi Clare! I have no first-hand experience with teenagers, as my kids are still young. Have you tried explaining to them exactly why they need the nutrients in fruits and vegetables, why they need adequate amounts of protein, and the chronic illnesses that can be a result of poor eating habits? The epidemic rates of illness (both mental and physical) among children, teens, and millennials is horrifying, but you’d just need to figure out how to convey that information across to them. I know that as I got into high school, I became more interested in the “why”. Hope this was at least a little bit helpful!