“Why Do You Call Your Daughter Toot?”

I knew you were going to ask that. I call her Toot around the house and when I talk about her to my family and friends. If you must know, her real name is Tess but we also call her Tessa.

You know how the second you get pregnant you have to come up with a cute little name to call your unborn child? This especially happens after the first sonogram. The little bean, baby peanut, tiny potato? Well I have a friend who was pregnant around the same time I was, and she started calling her unborn child Spagooter from this youtube video:



So B and I decided to call ours Tardertoot which then eventually got shortened to Toot. I’m pretty sure she thinks that’s her real name. I mean she knows her real name but she also responds to Toot. And for some reason B calls her Tonka Truck and she’s ok with that too. She’s only a year old so she doesn’t care what you call her as long as you’re handing her puffs.

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