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Baby Shower Games Your Friends Will Actually Want to Play 10
Do you have friends that just hate baby shower games? You still want to invite them to the shower, and you still want to play games! But you have to find games they would actually want to play. Well, friend, here are some games that don't require you to eat baby food or look at candy bars in diapers. (Gross!) And some that don't require any effort or participation at all!

Baby Shower Games That Your Friends Will Actually Want To ...

7 Ways to Overcome Motherhood Anger | Guest Post 1
Guest Post: Becoming a mother is not always rainbows and unicorns; for some women, parenthood brings with it a sense of anger that seems unshakeable.While many women who read this may shake their heads and say things like, “She never should have been a mother,” others will completely understand. There is not a general rule book for parenthood. Every woman will experience a different rollercoaster of emotions and moments that build to define the overall experience as a whole, and there are many who would not describe it as an enjoyable time.

7 Ways to Overcome Motherhood Anger

Pregnancy is a mother's first sacrifice for her child. We completely trash our bodies just to give them life. Some of us have done it a dozen times. (I have no idea how, though. Props to those women!) Yes, there are some great things that happen during pregnancy, but the miracle of life is a struggle. Here are some things I definitely could've done without during pregnancy.

15 Things I Definitely Do NOT Miss About Being Pregnant

Seeing your friends get pregnant all around you while you struggle with infertility can be ROUGH. I was lucky enough to get pregnant with Toot with only the assistance of an ovulation kit. But a few of my friends and family members have needed more scientific intervention to conceive their babies. Here are 6 options to consider if you're hoping to become a parent.

6 Infertility Treatment Options to Grow Your Family

Once you plan out your baby shower games, you have to figure out what kind of prizes you're going to give out. This can be stressful when you don't know who is going to win a prize. You can't really buy for a specific person. It has to be able to go to anyone invited. It could go to your crazy teenage cousin or your super Catholic grandma. Here are 9 prizes that will (hopefully) fit pretty much anyone at your baby shower.

9 Prizes For Baby Shower Games

Simple Style Tips for Working Moms 11
I'm not what you would call a Fashionista. I like to get ready for work with minimal effort because I like getting as much sleep as I can. Plus, I have to deal with getting a toddler ready to go to Grandma's house for the day. I still have to look professional at work, though. I've mastered the art of finding simple solutions to looking like an actual professional human in the workplace. Here are my top tips to get that simple professional mom style.

Simple Style Tips for Busy Working Moms