Let's face it, I don't have time or patience to make any of those toddler meals on Pinterest. My child isn't going to eat kale or quinoa. I also don't always want to make a full meal to share with her. So here are my go-to meals for lunch and dinner when I want something fast and easy just for her.

Realistic Toddler Meal Ideas for Busy Moms

Once you plan out your baby shower games, you have to figure out what kind of prizes you're going to give out. This can be stressful when you don't know who is going to win a prize. You can't really buy for a specific person. It has to be able to go to anyone invited. It could go to your crazy teenage cousin or your super Catholic grandma. Here are 9 prizes that will (hopefully) fit pretty much anyone at your baby shower.

9 Prizes For Baby Shower Games

Buying gifts for a baby is easy. But what about when they turn one? Suddenly your baby is a toddler! But not a big toddler like a two or three-year-old. It's sort of a transition phase between baby and toddler. Between 12 and 18 months is basically the baby version of tweens. So what do you get a baby for their first birthday? Here are a few ideas for you!

Gift Ideas for Baby’s First Birthday

Do you do a lot of online shopping? I do! I'm sure you've heard about Groupon, but did you know they have coupons too? Well, they do! It doesn't matter if you're shopping for holiday gifts or just for everyday things. They've got you covered with coupon codes.

Save Money Shopping Online with Groupon Coupons

As you may be able to tell, one of my favorite hobbies is earning extra money. I've found 5 apps for my phone that allow me to earn a little extra money during my downtime or while Toot plays independently. Now, these aren't get-rich-quick schemes. You're not going to make thousands of dollars from these. But you'll make enough to cover dinner out with your husband every once in a while, and that's worth it to me!

5 Ways to Earn Money with Your Phone

Realistic Toddler Breakfast Ideas for Busy Moms 14
I am not a Pinterest Mom or a Crunchy Mom. I'm not going to make anything that has kale or quinoa in it. I don't have a lot of time in the morning to make breakfast because I have to get ready for work. And on the weekends, I'm just too tired to cook a whole big breakfast. So here are my go-to toddler breakfast ideas that real moms can do!

Realistic Toddler Breakfast Ideas For Busy Moms

There are a lot of bad side effects of being pregnant. It's extremely uncomfortable, you feel like a whale, constantly being asked to pee in a cup, people touching your belly without asking... The list goes on. But there were some good things that happen while you're pregnant, too.

10 Things I Miss About Being Pregnant

One Simple Way to Save Money on Diapers 2
Diapers are a necessary evil. You need them and you need a lot of them. (Unless you're a superhero and use cloth diapers. Go you but I have no energy or time for that.) So since you need a bunch of them, you're probably wondering how to save money on them. Here's the one thing I do.

One Simple Way to Save Money on Diapers

The process of introducing your baby to your cat is a lot longer than you think. It’s not just a howdy-do here’s your new roommate type of situation. Since your baby is going to grow so fast, your cat is going to have to get used to each stage of the baby’s life just like you do. Spoiler alert: your cat will hate your child as a toddler. Here’s how to introduce your baby to your cat.     { Post contains affiliate links }

Introducing Your Baby to Your Cat

Gift Ideas for Working Moms 3
I'm a working mom. I actually have two jobs if you count blogging. (I do.) So I've put together a list of gift ideas for other working moms. Here's a quick list of a few things I've picked out that are sure to be a hit.

Gift Ideas for Working Moms

I have found my favorite brand of toys, and it's Melissa and Doug. Their toys are so simple and allow your child to use their imagination while they're playing and learning. They have a such a wide variety of options. Let me show you a few of my favorites.

8 of the Best Melissa and Doug Toys for Toddlers

GUEST POST | I’m at that age when all of my friends are getting married and having babies. While I’m waiting for my own little ones, I am having a lot of fun being the awesome aunt. For my part, I have a ‘niece’ and a ‘nephew’ whom I love dearly, and for whom I would do (or buy) just about anything. And with Christmas fast approaching, I need a lot of different ideas.

5 Ways to Spoil Your Nieces and Nephews