Day 4: Let’s Connect!

Lesson 4

So one thing you'll need to make money on your blog is analytics. Analytics are basically your stats that you can tell potential sponsors and ad agencies about to give them an idea of how much to pay you.

You'll also need to set up your social media accounts if you haven't already. Social media can be a money maker in and of itself so they're pretty important.

Step 1: Connect Google Analytic to Your Blog

Yes, WordPress has their own analytics built in with Jetpack. They aren't always as accurate and they definitely aren't as in depth as Google Analytics.

GA is industry standard so when a sponsor asks for your blog stats, they mean your Google Analytics.

Sign up for GA here and then get the GA plugin for WordPress to put in your tracking code.

After you start getting some traffic, you can mess around on the GA website to see where it's coming from and what they're looking at. It's pretty cool! They also give you real time analytics so you can tell that someone in Fresno is on one of your posts and got there from Pinterest.

Step 2: Set Up Your Social Media Accounts

When you're first starting out, don't worry about creating ALL of the social media accounts. You can leave a few for later. You really want to start out with Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Try to get a username that matches across all platforms that matches your blog. If your blog name is too long, consider abbreviating. Just make sure it's recognizable.

Set up each account as a business profile. They'll give you analytics if you do! And more options like promoting ads and stuff. For Facebook, you're setting up a page not a personal profile.

Ideally, you'll want everything to be one cohesive brand so use the same profile photo and banner image in the case of FB and Twitter.

Today's an Easy Day! Today You're Just Going To:

  1. Connect your Google Analytics to your blog
  2. Set up your Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts
  3. Bonus: write another blog post!