Day 7: Let’s Make Friends!

Lesson 7

Here's your final assignment to get your blog all set up. I know this sounds tough but... You're going to need blogger friends. lol Networking can be torture for introverts like me. If you're an extrovert than this will be your favorite part!

Bloggers have a huge community and most will welcome you with open arms. Something that gets said more times than I can count is "community over competition."

We really aren't competing with other bloggers. At least not directly. There's plenty of internet space for everyone and some audiences cross over from one blog to the next so if you can work with similar bloggers, you can share a common audience.

Facebook groups are the best way to connect with other bloggers and bloggers in your niche. There are a few types of groups: Promo, support, paid, and niche. Of course there are some that blend a few of these together.

Promo Groups

Promo groups allow you to promote your blog with sharing threads.

Here's how this usually works: The group leader or moderator posts a thread with rules. Always follow the rules. If you have questions, ask them.

Bloggers can leave a link to what the post asks for. Usually this is a blog post link or a social media link like a pin or tweet. You share the other posts, and they will share yours.

"Do all" threads mean you share or comment on or whatever they ask for every single link in the thread. Some threads are "Do 10" or whatever number they decide and those mean you can pick 10 to share. For do all threads your post should get the same amount of shares as everyone else's. For do 10 threads, the amount you will receive varies. You could get none or you could get 30. Just depends on what people want to share.

Example share threads include:

  • Post a blog post link and share to any social media. Do all. (This means you can leave your blog post link and you should share everyone else's link on any social media platform you choose. You can pin, tweet, share on FB, stumble it on StumbleUpon. Doesn't have to be the same for every link. Just share somewhere. Your post should get the same amount of shares as everyone else's.)

  • Post a link to a pin and repin 10 others. (This means you leave a direct link to a pin on Pinterest. You repin 10 other pins to your boards.)

  • Post a link to an Instagram photo. Like/comment 15. (This means you share a direct link to a photo on Instagram. You should like and comment on 15 others. When commenting, leave genuine comments over 5 words.)

Support Groups

Support groups usually don't allow any type of promotion. They're strictly for asking and answering questions. Since you're new to the blogging world, you'll probably be asking more than answering.

Sometimes you don't even have to ask, someone else may have already asked the question and there are already answers!

You can ask for feedback on your blog, a post, design, logos, whatever you need.

If you're looking for recommendations on products or plugins or courses, support groups are a good place to ask. If you are going to buy or use a product, ask the person who recommended it if they have an affiliate link you can use to thank them!

Paid Groups

Paid groups are Facebook groups that come with a paid course or subscription service. I'm in the Elite Blog Academy group on FB because I paid for the EBA course. They're exclusive and usually have serious bloggers that know what they're doing. I've found some of the best advice and contacts in the EBA group.

Niche Groups

Niche groups are specific to certain topics. All of the members are part of the same niche and generally have the same target audience. You'll want to be in at least one or two of these because they're the best for collaboration and sharing relevant content.

Step 1: Find Some Blogging Groups to Join

Find some general promo groups and support groups to join and if you can find a niche group, join that too. Search on Facebook for "blogging" or "Bloggers" or whatever type of blog you have.

Here are a couple that I'm in:

Once you join a few, you'll start to notice suggested groups that pop up on the side of your FB. Check those out too!

Always read the group description and follow their rules!

Step 2: Introduce Yourself!

Most groups will allow you to make an introduction post. Share your blog and tell them how and when you got started and anything else you want to share.

You can have the same introduction for each group so feel free to just write one and copy and paste. Just don't do more than 2 or 3 at the same time or Facebook will mark you as spam. Wait a little while in between posting introductions if they're copied and pasted.

Step 3: Join a Thread

This may sound scary at first, but after a while you'll be that person up at 6:00am waiting for the daily thread to be posted. lol

Start with something easy. Don't go crazy and start 50 threads that you can't finish. You always need to finish your threads you start. If you don't, they can kick you out of the group and they'll probably have some sort of shame parade like Game of Thrones. (Ok, maybe not that extreme but it'll hurt your reputation.)

Step 4: Follow Some Other Bloggers

Spend some time on Instagram or Twitter and follow some bloggers in your niche. Make some connections. Comment on their posts and say hi!

Some popular blogging hashtags you can search for are:

  • #bloggerswanted
  • #momblogger (or whatever niche)
  • #ontheblog

So that's pretty much it! Blogging has a very social community. We try to help each other and share what we've learned. One day you can do the same for new bloggers!

Today You're Going to:

  1. Find some blogging groups to join
  2. Introduce yourself
  3. Join a thread
  4. Follow some bloggers